Brothers Adam and Aaron Wiens have varied backgrounds, from music to visual arts to engineering. After years exploring different creative paths, the brothers joined forces to create Molten Aura Labs.

Aaron Wiens began glassblowing in Minneapolis, MN in 2011. He rapidly learned a wide variety of flameworking techniques in the production environment of a shared studio. He also became adept at lathe work and large, clean forms. Now he enjoys making and experimenting with new glass colors on a daily basis. Aaron also designs and builds the furnaces, the rod pulling machines, glass tools, and pretty much anything else required for us to push the boundaries of manufacturing colored borosilicate here at The Lab. Previous to glassblowing, Aaron studied engineering, worked for several years as a luthier building acoustic guitars, and ventured into fine art woodworking.

Adam Wiens has a background in fine arts, with a focus on painting and illustration. Previous to his work at Molten Aura Labs, he was an artist in the video game industry. He also taught color theory and 3D animation, and developed bio-medical visualizations. After years of manipulating color via pixels, he wanted to return to pigment. Instead of canvas, he initially began painting on glass and clear acrylic panels. This soon gave rise to experiments with three dimensional cast glass forms. Digging deeper into glass itself led to years of research regarding the chemistry of color. Specifically, how to create permanent coloration in high temperature glass melts. That research continues, and is currently being applied to the development of borosilicate glass colors as well as other unique projects.

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Molten Aura Labs, LLC
30 Westgate Parkway #310
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phone: 828-633-2553
toll free: 1-844-857-5247

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