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The AuraTones are opalescent glasses meant to exist somewhere between transparent and opal. Each color has our characteristic atmosphere, or “Aura”, that can be intentionally amplified or subdued depending on working heat, thickness, layering, etc.



Our GemTones are glimmering, transparent glasses. We focus on optical clarity, deep saturation, and as always, we strive to deliver glass that is as air-free as possible.




Use the EffecTones when you are looking for unique hue gradations, flame-striking fun, and heady effects. Calypso and Quasar are currently pending reformulation. We are working on SANCDRAFTED versions of these as well as some fantastic new EffecTones!



Try all of our colors in these sample packs. Standard pack includes all current production colors. Sandcrafted pack includes two rods of each color from our new line of glass made from 100% raw materials!