Dabsinthe TUBING *2nd QUALITY*

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Dabsinthe is a beautiful transparent emerald green color. More intense and slightly more blue-ish than other transparent greens on the market. These are double-dipped in Dabsinthe, then encased in clear. This maximizes work-ability while retaining the color’s saturation.

Pre-heat your tubing in the kiln for 10-15 minutes before introducing them into the flame. There may be variances in the length and width of the tubing sections.

We recommend annealing at 1060F for 1hr per 1/4 inch of glass. For closed forms assume the glass thickness to be doubled. Make sure the heat has enough time to soak through to all interior components.

These tubes are considered 2nds. The size and shape variance has fallen outside our first quality standards. May have extra air or inclusions. ALL SALES FINAL ON 2nds – NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES.

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Weight 1 lbs / lbs
Dimensions 16 x 2 x 2 in


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